Choosing Generosity Not Exclusion

When we observe events throughout the world we often feel that mercy, compassion and generosity have been extinguished in the lives of people. Instead of mercy there is mercilessness. Instead of generosity there is exclusion. In these contentious times – where there is turbulence among the peoples of the world; where religion is being projected and taught by some groups as an exclusionary way; where there is conflict and battles to speak for God, we are being called to restore a generosity of spirit – choosing generosity, not exclusion. …continue

Muslim Presence is a network promoting universal values and active citizenship based on a contextualized reading of Islam, an open identity, and a harmonious co-existence within this society.

Established in July 2000, Muslim Presence provides a platform for community activists, service providers and organizations to work together towards shared goals and a common voice. This website hopes to:

  • Break down stereotypes and demystify issues about Islam and Muslims
  • Sensitize Canadian citizens about contemporary issues and events which are occurring in the world today
  • Foster an environment for dialogue, debate and partnerships

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