About Us

Muslim Presence is a network promoting common values and active citizenship based on a contextualized reading of Islam, an open identity, and a harmonious co-existence within this society.

The mission of Muslim Presence is to establish a platform for dialogue, convergence and mutually enriching discussion from an Islamic perspective.

We face a complex international reality; the media frequently employ shortcuts and the tactics of guilt by association to describe Muslims here and abroad. Given this context, we believe such a platform is essential to deal with the issues that are likely to accompany the growing Muslim presence in Canada.

Muslim Presence, in pursuit of this vision, organizes international symposia and sponsors regular lectures without institutional bias. We seek to share our thoughts and ideas, to examine how we can become fully functional Muslim citizens  and how we can live together in a spirit of mutual acceptance.

Muslim Presence is committed to working hand in hand with all who are prepared to face the challenges of the future.


Muneeb  Nasir, Shelina Merani, Tariq Ramadan, Muna Ali, Aicha Lasfar, Suzanne Touchette, Salah Basalamah, Ibrahima Sow, Abdourahman Kahin, Nabil Bouzoubaa, Leila Bedeir

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